New Books

Poetry Made Simple for GCSE is for all GCSE and pre-GCSE students, who want to gain more from the poetry exams and boost their English Literature grade. This book teaches ways to revise for the unseen poems, including a 5-Point Panic Version, especially for the exam. You will also learn how to deconstruct difficult poems, with a step-by-step guide on what to include in your poetry answers.

Storybusters Plan and Write Step-by-step Stories and Descriptions are full of story starters and project ideas. Storybusters are picture worksheets with exciting backgrounds and pictures to help visual learners, taking the pressure off students who are worried by ‘walls of text’. For children aged 7-12 who struggle with English, Literacy and Creative Writing.

Aspies Hate Christmas is aimed at people on the autistic spectrum and their loved ones. Take this book as a starting point to understanding the full stop at the door, the plea not to leave the car, the absence of an aspie when you are all ready to go. Special events, social expectations, anxiety and silent meltdowns are all covered in this third instalment of the Crazy Girl in an Aspie World series.

Maths Balloons A Simple Method to Learn Times Tables is an easy-to-use idea for children who struggle with Maths. Maths Balloons are also suitable for more confident children who want to challenge themselves. This flexibility means that the tasks can be repeated many times using different numbers, building from where a child feels happy to start and taking them into stronger work.

How to Write Super Sentences, Perfect Paragraphs and Simple Storytelling use a wide variety of ideas and activities to help students get to grips with writing longer, more complex sentences, expanded paragraphs and creating their own stories and descriptions. Tasks include descriptive and active sentences, creative ideas, non-fiction work, and using structure in a variety of ways. Subjects include family-life, hobbies, school, travel and creative adventures into fantasy and science fiction. 

Creative Literacy Story Plans for English GCSE are an original method to help students face the challenges of the new English Language GCSE creative writing fiction questions. Each section of the book has a Speech and a Structure task, which students use to create stories suitable for the  exam.