Welcome to my site! 

I am Amanda J Harrington and I write books for children and adults.

I also work as a private tutor in English, Maths and Creative Writing. I run creative writing workshops for adults and children and am available for school visits.

I write a popular blog about Asperger's Syndrome, as well as a writing blog full of poetry, free resources and general creative stuff. And I even have a fairy blog, just for fun!

This site will give you information on what I do but please get in touch if you need to know more. You can contact me on here or through my Facebook pages for tuition or books.


Children's Writing Course & Books Bundle!

Only £9.99 for the full course, extra course and free set of books. 

Visit the Children's Course page for more details.

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There are free resources and chapters on my Free Brians blog, so go there if you would like a closer look at my writing or to test out the creative writing and educational activities and worksheets.

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If you would like more information on my private tuition, please contact me via this site. I cover the whole of West Cumbria for evening and weekend lessons and also work during the day with adult learners, home educated students and college students.

Please note, I used to run my tuition from www.cumbriatutor.co.uk, as Cumbria Tutor.

Need feedback on your work? Visit the Feedback page for essay critiques. 


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