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The free resources on this page have either been created for my own books or for my students to use. Please do not redistribute, sell or re-sell these files. They are shared in good faith to help other students, parents and teachers.

If there is a particular kind of English resource you would like to see, please get in touch as I have lots of work which has not made it onto this website or into a book!

Exam Practice for AQA English Language Paper 2. This is a PDF and includes 2 practice papers I created for my own students.

Exam Practice for AQA Unseen Poetry. This is a PDF and includes 4 sets of practice questions for unseen poetry.

Online Poetry Tuition

Poetry tuition for GCSE and pre-GCSE preparation.

Poetry skills are essential for the new GCSE English Literature exam. The anthology poems and the unseen poetry section make up a substantial part of your marks and being able to answer any question in these sections will increase your overall grade and could be an exam saver.

Being able to understand and explain poetry also helps you to critique and deconstruct other types of literature, so getting to grips with poetry will help your English Literature exam grade and also help you to answer questions in the fiction half of the English Language exam.

My courses are for all abilities and as your work will be marked, I can give you specific, individual feedback. The coursework is mostly based around 'unseen' poems, rather than anthology, as this is the big surprise area of the exam. The work is flexible across the exam boards, but it is helpful for me to know which exam board you are using so that I can consider that in my feedback.

Online lessons are conducted either by Skype/Discord or Messenger, as I have found some students much prefer typing an answer than having the face-to-face experience of a video call. Lessons are 30 minutes or an hour long. Homework is given after each lesson and forms part of the feedback and tuition package.

Online lessons are £15 per half hour/£25 per hour. I also offer discounted block bookings which are paid in advance and cost £60 for 5 half hour lessons or £110 for 5 hour lessons. Lessons do not have to be taken at the same time and day each week but will mostly be during the day before 3 p.m.

My Poetry Tuition includes:

First look

Breaking it down


Talking about language features

Structure vs Content

Guided writing

Full essay questions

You will receive specific feedback on the guided writing and essay questions.

This tuition helps you to approach any poem and write a solid answer with proper sections, no matter what poems are included in the exam. The methods can be used for the anthology poems and are a useful revision tool.