Free Stuff!

There are 3 little bundles of free literacy resources for you to try. Simply decide which one(s) are best for you and get in touch!

Children's Creative Writing & Literacy

This bundle includes some exercises from the Children's Creative Writing Course, a sample from the Write It! subscription and an extract from the comprehensions book Jump Into Literacy.

Exercises are flexible for different ages and abilities, but Write It! has a younger starting age of about 6 and Jump Into Literacy and the writing course are suitable for ages from 8-14.

GCSE and Creative Writing for Teens 

The GCSE and Creative Writing for Teens bundle includes more challenging work but with plenty of advice and examples to help.

There are samples from the books Creative Writing for Teens and Creative Literacy: English GCSE (which prepares for Literature as well as Language).

There is also a sample from the Adult Creative Writing Course as this is suitable for teens with an interest in creative writing. 

Adult Creative Writing & Literacy

This bundle includes samples from the Adult Creative Writing Course as well as extracts from Creative Writing for Adult Learners and A Crash Course in Creative Writing.

The work includes simple story starters and literacy ideas as well as more challenging work, such as longer projects and detailed writing exercises.

There is also a sample from Creative Writing for Teens as the work in this book is also suitable for adult learners.